• Bamboo charcoal bamboo degradable toothbrush 4 Pack

Bamboo charcoal bamboo degradable toothbrush 4 Pack

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There are more than 700 kinds of microorganisms in the mouth, and if you eat so much food every day, there will be a lot of food residues and debris on the tooth surface. You need to use a toothbrush at least twice a day. If you put the toothbrush in a wet toilet or put the toothbrush upside down in a cup, it is in a wet state, and the bacteria are easy to reproduce, causing other diseases in the mouth or the whole body, Generally, it is recommended to replace the toothbrush once every two to three months and keep the toothbrush in a dry place.

Throw away your plastic toothbrush and replace it with these bamboo toothbrushes! Environmentally friendly and cleaner!
With the development of science and technology, not only the times are progressing, but also the environment is gradually destroyed. In order to survive and develop better, the environmental protection problem becomes urgent to be solved. No matter in various forms, from personal, to public service advertising, environmental protection design, creativity is also emerging in an endless stream. This green toothbrush is one of them.
One simple thing we can do is to choose a biodegradable bamboo toothbrush. Environmentally friendly and cleaner!