Portable electric juice cup 480ml

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Function upgrade again on the basis of section 2018
1. Safety upgrade: upgrade to micro-motion device (only when the cup body is installed on the base can start), safety upgrade greatly. (much safer than magnetic induction devices)
2. Switch Lifting: Made of ABS brand-new material and upgraded to LED intelligent switch
3. Elevation of Electricity Indicators: LED Multicolored Haze Indicators with Unique Originality
4. Fuselage Appearance Improvement: In the era of face value, bright panel design + carefree color selection will surely make you fond of it.
5. Lifting of cup cap: Hidden lifting ring with crystal mirror inlaid on top of cap, giving gifts for self-use.
6. Give a bottom cover intimately and change it into a portable cup in seconds.
7. Double 18650 lithium battery, 7.4V large motor, refuse to jam, squeeze to the end.
8. Use 304 stainless steel 6-page knife head, 360 degree whirlwind without dead angle.
9. Thicken 3.8 high borosilicate glass body, heat-resistant and cold-resistant. (Some manufacturers use 2.8, very thin and fragile)
The product has domestic quality inspection report and CE certification FCC. FDA report, but also can provide MSDS batteries, parents can be assured to buy, can print logo and customize product color.


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